VIDEO: ND Senate race votes most important in the country, study says

A WalletHub Study ranked North Dakotan's votes in Senate races as the most powerful in the country.

The mid-term election is only one week away and according to some, North Dakota voters are some of the most powerful in the entire country.

Early voting sites have been busy. Many are placing extra weight on this midterm.

"It's big money and it really is a really important election," said voter Hans Kammerer.

A map ranking the power of senate race votes. North Dakota Ranks 1st.
A map ranking the power of senate race votes. North Dakota Ranks 1st.from:

Still, others feel discouraged.

"I know students I talk to don't vote because they say it doesn't matter or they don't like the candidates," Kammerer said.

But each of those non-votes may be even more important than they seem, especially in the senate race.

A North Dakotan's Senate vote is worth nearly seven times as much as the average American's, according to a WalletHub study.

The methodology says two major things make the state's votes especially important: first, Heitkamp v. Cramer is a tossup. The winner of the tight race is anyone's guess.

Second, the state's relatively small population means it takes fewer votes to win a race for the Senate.

Barbara Headrick, a political science professor at Minnesota State University Moorhead explained why one state's vote might be considered more valuable.

"A single vote for North Dakota senate race counts more because there's fewer voters and so it takes fewer votes to make a difference," Headrick said. "That's what makes an individual worth more."

Each state gets two senators regardless of population. Headrick encourages every eligible voter to make their way to a booth, regardless of what the study said.

The study weighted Minnesotan votes on par with the national average. California and Texas took the bottom two spots.