WATCH: Grand Forks Public Library sparks conversation about homelessness

The library will host a panel discussion about homelessness in Grand Forks.

GRAND FORKS — It's National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week and the Grand Forks Public Library is doing its part to make a difference by holding a panel discussion from 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Some of the people on the panel include employees for agencies like Northlands Rescue Mission. Other members on the panel are people who have been homeless for any period in their lives.

The library is hoping to draw attention to how it impacts people in the area.

"It's not just poor people that are on SNAP, it's not just poor people that are living on the street," said Arnessa Dowell with the Grand Forks Public Library. "It could just really be someone that fell on hard times and the hard times lasted longer than they expected it to. It doesn't mean that they're uneducated, it could literally just be anybody."

If you'd like to help, but can't make it to the panel, donations are accepted.

You can drop off any cold weather gear, such as hats and gloves, or personal care items (deodorant, cough drops, etc.) to the library throughout the rest of the week.

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