FARGO — Crews started demolishing Fargo's 60-year-old City Hall on Monday, Dec. 17.

There had been a slight delay to the start of the process because of asbestos removal and efforts to salvage some copper and information technology equipment, said Terry Stroh, President of TL Stroh Architects-Interiors and writer of the specifications for the demolition.

The delay wasn't necessarily a bad thing, according to Stroh.

"They're not doing a lot of construction right now because the ground has frozen, so it's usually a good time to do it (demolition)," said Stroh, who added that because less construction is happening, more crews and equipment can be devoted to things like demolition work.

The cost of the demolition of the old City Hall, which was constructed in 1958, will be just over $400,000, which Stroh said is down from original cost estimates of $700,000 to $800,000.

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Ultimately, the move from the old building to the new City Hall, located immediately to the east, will benefit city workers and the community, Stroh said.

"Our city employees are super hard workers," he said. "To give them some place that has super good air quality, great lighting and natural light is going to benefit the city in having a happier staff to deal with and more efficient in doing their jobs."

Although demolition is underway, the old commission chambers, on the second floor of the Civic Center which is attached to the old City Hall, will continue to be used for meetings until the new chambers are completed, said Miranda Wolf, a city employee.

Complete demolition of the old City Hall is expected some time in the spring.