FARGO — Thousands have signed an online petition requesting President Donald Trump merge North Dakota and South Dakota into a single state.

The change.org petition proposes the two states come together to form a new state called "MegaKota." Started in the Fargo area on Sunday, Jan. 6, by a user named Dillan Stewart, it quickly went viral on local social media feeds.

As of Monday evening, Jan. 7, it already has more than 2,500 signatures.

Stewart's reason for starting the petition is fairly simple: he thinks it would be "pretty cool" to have a state called MegaKota.

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Comments by some signers of the petition offered stirring arguments in favor of the proposed merger:

"How can (we) be called the United States if some of our states are divided in half?" said Aaron Hemberger.

Long-time West Fargo resident Dean Ludwig said it could be possible, but prefers things the way they are.

"You know, businesses merge all the time," Ludwig said. "Would it be a similar feat? Hard to say. But I'd rather see them separate."