Cass County deputy arrested for DUI fired following an unrelated internal investigation

Burgess Giple

FARGO — A Cass County Sheriff’s Office deputy was fired last week following an internal investigation concerned with his off-duty conduct.

Burgess Giple, 40, of West Fargo was fired Jan. 10 from his position as a correctional officer with the sheriff’s office after an internal investigation found his off-duty conduct with Fargo police officers during a November investigation was unacceptable based on office standards.

The sheriff's office also concluded Giple lied during the internal investigation, according to documents provided by the sheriff's office.

In an unrelated incident, Giple was charged Jan. 7 in Cass County District Court with one count of DUI and one count of refusing testing.

In that case he is slated for an arraignment on Jan. 23.

In November, Fargo police responded to a noise complaint at a Fargo apartment where a party was being held, documents associated with the internal sheriff's office investigation show.

Several individuals in the apartment, including Giple, came outside while police officers were attempting to speak with the apartment renter, the documents said.

Giple told the officers he was an employee of the sheriff’s office, but refused to give them his name, according to the documents, which also assert that Giple told the renter not to sign a citation, even though the officers requested her to do so and clarified that doing so wouldn’t be an admission of guilt.

According to the internal investigation documents, Giple was previously advised by his supervisor — after an incident in which Giple provided a Fargo police officer with both his license and department ID when he was pulled over for speeding — that citing his employment while off duty, and for an unrelated matter, "was improper behavior."

During the internal investigation, Giple denied the allegations arising from the November incident, documents show.

The internal investigation concluded Giple had refused to give his name to law enforcement, interfered with the police investigation and that he had lied to the internal investigator, the records show.

Giple was fired Jan. 10 after he failed to show up for a scheduled predetermination hearing on Jan. 9 involving the conclusion of the internal investigation.

Sgt. Timothy Briggeman, a sheriff’s office spokesman, said an internal investigation was opened regarding Giple’s DUI arrest but that investigation will likely be closed as incomplete due to Giple's termination following the first internal investigation.

Phone messages left for Giple on Tuesday, Jan. 15, were not immediately returned.