Fargo video of boy in wheelchair on trampoline grabs nearly 5 million views

FARGO — This young man's name is Wyatt, and he's in the special needs program at TNT Kid's Fitness and Gymnastics in Fargo.

He loves his time jumping on the trampoline with his trainer in his wheelchair.

The video has gotten almost 5 million views in just a few days.

WDAY News spoke to TNT employees who said they're surprised the video went viral because this isn't anything new for them.

"We see that every single day. I think that's our norm for our community to witness that, and for the world to see it and to be so supportive, that is just so heartwarming," said executive director Kim Pladson.

Since the video was posted, TNT has received over 20 calls from people looking to join in on the fun.