STEPHEN, Minn. — Children at First Lutheran Church in Stephen sang a special worship song on Monday. Called “10,000 reasons,” it was their friend Camden's favorite.

They know what March 25 means to Camden Dean's family — it has been one year since a car crash on Interstate 29 that ended the 9-year-old and his 19-month-old brother Maxwell Dean's lives.

"It was pretty special knowing that the kids cared enough to do something like that," said mother Trista Curry, Fargo, who survived the crash.

A year later, she has 5-week-old twins named for her two sons — Eloise Maxwell and Isla Camden.

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"It's a blessing for sure," Curry said of the twins, who were born were born three minutes apart. "I wanted to give them the boys' names, so that way we're always talking about them and they grow up knowing about them."

For the last year she's been saying their names every chance she gets. Through toy drives and a charity, she's keeping their memories alive.

"I love doing things on their behalf because that's all I can really do," said Curry.

Both Camden and Maxwell are buried in the Stephen Cemetery, where the snow is still too high to see their headstones.

Curry said she doesn't want to "celebrate" the day. "It's not an anniversary of any sort," she says. Instead, she's asking people to give the gift of kindness this week in their memories.

"Show compassion. Do something positive to make someone else smile, to make their day. And just make this day not so awful for other people," Curry said. “Hold onto your loved ones tight. Enjoy the little moments because they're over fast."

Next month, the charity CamdenToTheMax will be awarding money to local kids for community service projects.