FARGO — The woman who the Fargo Fire Department said was trampled by a horse at North Dakota State University's Equine Center has died, according to her friends and colleagues in Canada, where she is from.

Kim Elliott was a transporter out of Alberta, Canada, who was moving horses at approximately 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 3. The horse she was transporting reportedly became spooked and knocked her to the ground, kicking and trampling her.

Although NDSU police and university media relations are not confirming the news, Elliott's death is being reported by transport companies that Elliott was associated with. Sarah Champoux of WPS Transport, who worked with Elliott periodically over her 20 years in the business, said it is a reality check for anyone who does that work for a living.

"Dealing with young, untrained, feisty horses or even the weather all leads to a not so easy career choice," she posted on Facebook. Champoux says Elliott had two adult children.

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"It’s her children my heart aches for the most," said Champoux, who says she talked with Elliott once or twice a week. "She referred us to that location in Fargo for eight horses we needed to layup ourselves in late October, and my drivers said everyone was friendly and fantastic. It’s just so tragic."

Champoux added that Elliott had a hilarious sense of humor and many catchy phrases.

"I’ve never met a more tenacious woman that was tough as nails," she said.