LISBON, N.D. — A Lisbon family is grateful that a Christmas Eve crash that could have easily killed their young grandson did not.

"Gaige is truly a miracle," Julie Stanley said as she looked at a picture of her grandson's mangled car at the salvage yard in Lisbon. "He was standing outside the vehicle when it was hit at 66 mph."

It was late on Christmas Eve when 22-year-old Gaige Green was pushing his car along Highway 46 outside of Enderlin. It had broken down, and the lights no longer worked.

"He was trying to push it and jump in and pop the clutch to see if he could get it started," Stanley said.

That's when Green was hit by another car. The North Dakota Highway Patrol said it's unclear if the car hit Gaige or his car first, but the impact threw him and his car into the ditch. As Gaige was rushed to the hospital, police called Julie.

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"My heart stopped; I did not want to lose another grandson," Stanley said.

She is referring to Gaige's older brother, Kevin Lemna. He was just 23 when he was killed four years ago in a high-profile drunken driving crash. That case has gone to trial three times, and the North Dakota Supreme Court is considering whether or not to grant a fourth trial.

Julie said she knows Kevin spread his angel wings for his little brother that night.

"The force itself should have killed him," she said.

Gaige was released from the hospital less than 48 hours later. He suffered a concussion and a bruised lung. He's expected to make a full recovery.

"I am thankful to God my grandson is alive today," Stanley said.

Gaige told his grandma that he's her Christmas miracle. That's why Julie wanted to share her family's story.

"I want people to know God is real, and he does answer prayers," she said.

The highway patrol said no charges will be filed.