Boy faces charges after assault at Fargo South High School

A young man attacked a female student in the parking lot of Fargo South High School

FARGO — Fargo South High School is informing parents about an assault after school. A young man attacked a female student in the parking lot on Friday, April 16.

The school resource officer used his taser to stop the man attacking her.

A statement from the school says the female student told South's SRO about the young man in the parking lot, that she knew him and that she was concerned for her safety.

The young man was under 18 and is not a student at Fargo Public Schools.

Witnesses tell WDAY News he hit the girl in the head several times, knocking her down, and then kicked her when she was on the ground.


The statement then says the SRO tried to separate the two physically and verbally before deploying his taser.

The young man was then arrested for two counts of assault, violation of an order for protection, preventing arrest and disturbance of a public school.

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