City of Fargo hoping to make plowing progress during warmer weather stretch

An extended duration of temperatures hitting above 30 degrees will allow the city to have plows scrape the built-up ice off residential streets.

Snow Plow.jpg
A City of Fargo snow plow scraping the remaining ice off of a residential street.
Jay Dahl / WDAY News

FARGO — The City of Fargo is looking to take advantage of warming weather to get ice off the streets. With temperatures hitting above 30 degrees consistently throughout the week, snow plows will be working to scrape off the built up ice remaining on residential roads.

The sun melting the ice plays a big part in allowing the snow plows to finally tackle the build ups after long stretches of cold temperatures had prevented them from doing so.

A recent lull in heavy snow fall has also allowed the city to replenish its salt supply. According to Ben Dow, the director of Public Works at the City of Fargo, the city laid roughly $750,000 worth of salt in December of 2022 and the early weeks of January 2023. But since then, things have turned around.

"We are getting a good stockpile. We're in good shape now, we're really comfortable with the amount of material we have on the ground. We did go through our whole season allotment within the month of December and the first week in January," Dow said.

Dow also said the break in heavy snow has also allowed them to make repairs to plows after that same stretch from December into January took its toll on them. This is even more important because supply chain issues have made getting those parts difficult.


"Things we used to be able to overnight or even get a second day...can take two weeks—three weeks to get the parts we need to make our repairs," Dow said.

Dow also stressed that even with the weather warming up and their equipment back in shape, it will still take some time to scrape off all the built up ice.

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