FARGO — The case of a 36-year-old West Fargo woman accused of drowning her newborn child is likely headed for a jury trial in about two months.

Ginny Rose Lubitz, charged with one felony count of murder and one felony count of attempted murder in connection with the baby’s death in May 2018, appeared Wednesday, April 17, in Cass County District Court where the case was slated for a trial but wasn't immediately set for a specific date.

Lubitz pleaded not guilty to both her charges in August.

According to court records, police arrived at 9:39 p.m. May 5 to a south Fargo residence for a report of a deceased newborn.

Police found Lubitz in the bathroom with a large amount of blood on the floor. The newborn was found in the living room with Lubitz’s friend and was pronounced dead at 9:51 p.m., court records show.

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Two of Lubitz’s friends found her in the bathroom with the newborn facedown in about an inch of water, court documents said.

Lubitz told police she knew she was pregnant in August or September 2017 and saved money to have an abortion, but believed she had a miscarriage in November, court documents show.

She said realized she was still pregnant in April 2018, court records stated. She told police she didn’t know she was in labor on May 5 and took a bath to ease stomach pain and fell asleep in the tub, court papers said.

When she woke up, she said her stomach felt tight and that she gave birth within a few seconds as she leaned over the tub, court records show.

Web searches on her phone from February and March 2018 showed searches related to abortion and terminating late-term pregnancies, court papers stated. When asked about the searches, Lubitz said they were for a relative of hers who was pregnant, court records said.