FARGO — Five people have been arrested after police say they were involved in a regional crime ring that has cashed fake checks.

The Fargo Police Department said they were called out to a local bank on Wednesday, July 17, for someone reportedly trying to cash a fake check. When officers arrived, they found the male and two other people in the bank parking lot.

They told officers that they received the fake check from a woman who they tracked to a hotel and found another male inside, police say.

An investigation by police found that these five were allegedly involved in a regional crime ring that cashed multiple fake checks in Fargo, Moorhead and Grand Forks.

The five people were arrested and identified as Amy Murray, 35, Jordan Earring, 32, Maura Ramirez, 33, all of Fargo, Randi Fritze, 29, of West Fargo and Michael Boman, 37, with no permanent address.

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Murray, Earring and Boman are facing charges of forgery and counterfeiting, Fritze for possession of drug paraphernalia and Ramirez for a local warrant.