FARGO - The eighth day of William Hoehn’s trial in Cass County District Court started off with some heated testimony from a fellow inmate of Brooke Crews, Hoehn’s alleged co-conspirator and ex-girlfriend.

The inmate, Jennifer Robinson, told jurors that Hoehn was not involved in killing Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, a 22-year-old who was eight months pregnant. Hoehn is on trial for a charge of conspiring to murder LaFontaine-Greywind in August 2017.

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Robinson testified that Crews told her while in prison that it was Crews who “choked Savanna with a rope, drug her into the bathroom,” did a cesarean section herself and cleaned up afterward.

Robinson testified that Crews told her that she moved the body into a closet and that detectives passed the body two times while they were in Crews and Hoehn’s north Fargo apartment. Crews has pleaded guilty in the case and is serving a life sentence.

LaFontaine-Greywind disappeared Aug. 19, 2017. Her baby was ultimately found in Crews’ possession, and her body was found in the Red River on Aug. 27, 2017.

During cross-examination on Thursday, the prosecution listed several of Robinson’s prior convictions, including disorderly conduct, attempted assault on a police officer and lying to police.

The prosecution asked why Robinson waited to provide the new information, and Robinson said the decision weighed heavily on her conscience and that she wanted to see justice done.

Prosecutor Ryan Younggren repeatedly asked Robinson why she didn't tell authorities sooner about what she knew, and Robinson fired back, saying Younggren was "throwing sh**" at her and was making her upset.

Robinson testified that she “shivered in her skin” when Crews told her what she did. “Brooke Crews does not scare me, sweetheart,” Robinson said. “She’s a devil in disguise.”

Robinson said Crews told her Hoehn was “shaking and crying” when he opened the bathroom door.

Crews previously testified that she cut out LaFontaine-Greywind’s baby after a physical altercation caused LaFontaine-Greywind to hit her head on the bathroom sink and lose consciousness.

Crews testified that when Hoehn came home from work, he opened the bathroom door, uttered some obscenties and asked if LaFontaine-Greywind was dead.

Crews said she told Hoehn, “I don’t know. Please help me.” Hoehn went to get a rope, and he put it around LaFontaine-Greywind’s neck, according to Crews.

Crews said Hoehn then said that if LaFontaine-Greywind wasn’t dead before, “she is now.”