RICE LAKE, Minn. — A grieving northwest Minnesota mom is motivated to seek justice as she sees the scars of what happened to her daughter every time she looks out the window of her home.

"This is the blood right here," Theresa Sayers said as she pointed to the ground where her daughter was stabbed in the heart about two weeks ago in Rice Lake in Clearwater County about 60 miles northeast of Detroit Lakes.

Even though the two weeks have passed, the grass outside her home is still blood soaked. It's that vivid reminder of where her 36-year-old daughter, Natasha Thompson, died.

"I was holding her hand until the coroner came," she said.

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According to the family, they were having beers on a hot summer evening before heading to opening night at the Clearwater County Fair. Sayers said that's when her husband, who is an amputee and who was sitting in a wheelchair, began joking around with Tristan Kilde.

Kilde has been dating Natasha Thompson's younger sister for the past several years.


"All my husband did was tease him a little bit, teased him, played with his nipples a little bit, he snaked out and tore into my husband," Sayers said.

Prosecutors in court papers accuse Kilde of punching the amputee several times, and he fought back by head-butting Kilde.

Witnesses told police a few minutes later Thompson confronted Kilde about what happened to her stepfather. Both witnesses and Kilde claim Thompson, a mother of two, made some sort of contact with Kilde, who then is accused of stabbing her in the heart.

Kilde gave conflicting reports about what happened, but maintained he had no other choice.

Prosecutors and the family disagree.

"That did not give him a right to stab her," Sayers said.

In an unusual twist, court papers also reveal Kilde plugged Thompson's stab wound with his finger until emergency medical personnel arrived. He was then arrested.

"I wanted to break in the cop car and drag him out, but the Spirit came up to me and said don't do it, it's not going to bring her back," Sayers said.

Kilde is being held without bail since he was allegedly drinking that night, and that violated his probation from a previous burglary conviction.