FARGO — Police here are saying a man called 911 almost 50 times over the last month without an emergency, including two times when he said he would shoot police if they came to his home.

Mohamed Aweis Mohamed, 33, of Fargo, appeared Friday, Nov. 8, in Cass County District Court for a Class A misdemeanor of harassing emergency personnel. It’s the third time he has been charged with the crime in three weeks.

The latest incident report alleges Mohamed called 911 dispatchers 27 times starting around 8:40 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7, according to court documents. He laughed at dispatchers when they asked why he was calling and said “this is funny” and “I play the government’s hand,” the report said.

Police could not locate Mohamed at his apartment.

In another call, he told police he was at a U.S. Post Office and said he was “ready to go to jail,” court documents said. Police went to the post office, and though they couldn’t locate him, Mohamed allegedly said he was “watching us,” the incident report said.

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He called dispatchers again and said he would “shoot police if they came to his apartment,” court documents said. Police eventually arrested Mohamed during a call with 911.

The incident report said Mohamed is known for calling 911 with “no legitimate reason.” It also mentioned there are other pending cases against him.

On Oct. 11, he allegedly called 911 dispatchers nine times but said, “there is no emergency,” according to court documents. He later said there was an emergency, but he was going to call 911 instead of talking to officers outside his door, the complaint said.

Several days later, on Oct. 19, he called 911 dispatchers 12 times, saying he had unspecified information to pass along to police, a report alleged. He also said he would shoot police if they “went to his door,” the complaint said.

When talking to police over the phone, Mohamed swore and said he had no emergency, the complaint said. He hung up on police and called dispatch again, talking about getting into fights and making “rude comments in a sexual nature toward dispatchers," court documents alleged.

He was arrested in both October incidents.

Mohamed has several open cases, including providing false information to law enforcement and a disorderly conduct charge.

He also faced several cases in early 2017 out of Grand Forks, where police said he called 911 nearly 50 times in less than a week. He allegedly told dispatchers about his displeasure with President Donald Trump, that he disliked women, supported ISIS and wanted to go “home” or to Canada.

Ultimately, two harassment charges in Grand Forks District Court were dismissed, and a third harassment charge and criminal mischief count were downgraded to two counts of disorderly conduct, pursuant to a plea agreement.