MOORHEAD — A Fargo man is being held in the Clay County Jail following a hit and run.

Adriel Jordan Lewis, 25, was arrested by Moorhead police after he crashed a pickup truck into an unoccupied vehicle.

A witness to the accident called 911 and informed authorities that the driver fled the scene of the accident on foot. They also gave authorities a description of his clothing.

While fleeing on foot, Lewis attempted to flag down a vehicle. However, the vehicle he stopped was an unmarked patrol vehicle.

Lewis then fled again when the officer attempted to detain him.

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Additional Moorhead officers were called to create a perimeter and a West Fargo Police K9 Unit was called in.

Authorities were able to track Lewis' footprints in the fresh snow to a residential garage where he was hiding in the rafters.

Police attempted to negotiate a peaceful surrender, but they were unsuccessful. They then used a pepperball launcher to deliver irritant to the rafter area. The pepperballs were also unsuccessful in gaining the compliance of Lewis.

A more concentrated irritant was then sprayed by a hand-held canister, which proved to be effective.

Lewis came down from the rafters and was taken into custody by Moorhead Police. After being medically cleared, Lewis was transported to the Clay County Jail.

He is being held pending formal charges from the Clay County Attorney's Office on 2nd Degree Burglary, fleeing on foot, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash and obstructing the legal process.

The Moorhead Police Department was assisted by the Clay County Sheriff's Office and the West Fargo Police Department.