"It's dangerous no matter how you look at it," said Chris Johnson, CEO of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center in Fargo.

Authorities in Becker and Clay counties have been investigating reports of a man impersonating a police officer pulling people over near Lake Park and Hawley this week, and as of Wednesday night, there has been no word of a suspect being caught.

The alleged impostor's motivations are known only to him right now, Johnson said, but when cases like this do happen there is a fairly common theme.

"A majority of the time it comes down to power over (others) — control and manipulation," Johnson said.

While the area around Lake Park is on edge, Johnson says less than 10% of sexual attacks are actually committed by strangers. It's usually people within our inner-circles.

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But he added that people must always be vigilant, making sure to look for cues that a stranger is looking to take advantage of them.

While adults may know what to expect during a traffic stop, some young drivers may not.

Johnson said he had a conversation with his daughter about what to do if she's not sure the person who is pulling her over is an actual law enforcement officer.

"(When) a person (who) appears to have authority is giving her direction, or asking her to do something that she is uncomfortable with, she can always pump the brakes on that and say I'm not doing another thing until I talk with my dad," he said.

Police describe the man they are looking for as being in his mid to late 20s. He's about 6 feet tall and has a goatee.

He was reportedly driving a newer model white Jeep Cherokee.