FARGO — "His long dreads, I loved his hair," said Shawntay Turner has she thought about her boyfriend, Anquine White.

She still remembers the day she met the love of her life at church back in September. Tuesday morning, they had their last conversation.

"He said 'baby I love you and I'll be right back'," recalled Turner.

39-year old Anquine White was going to meet 28-year old Darrell Simmons in the Northport Shopping Center parking lot, near Hornbacher's. Police said it was part of a meth deal, but it turned out to be something else.

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"He just went to meet his friend who set him up and got him shot and killed," Turner said.

Turner said she has never heard of the other two men involved, including the suspected trigger man. Turner said White, who she called "Red", reconnected with Simmons just five days before the murder and that they knew each other from prison. Simmons was homeless so White invited him to stay with them.

"I fed him, he was sitting on our couch ... sitting next to my son, watching movies like he cared," Turner said. "He didn't care, he just wanted to rob us."

They gave him some money to stay at a hotel so they could enjoy Mother's Day alone, but Simmons kept calling both of them throughout the night on Monday.

"He was calling and calling his phone, but he was asleep," Turner explained.

The next morning Turner got a video call from Simmons from the scene.

"He called me and said Red just got shot, then he showed me and I ran out the door in my pajamas," Turner said.

She remembers showing up at the scene shortly after.

"I was screaming out of control, 'my baby', she said. "The police held me back."

Police have said they have video evidence that the four men drove around before the murder. Turner believes they were trying to get back to her house as the night before Simmons insisted on coming over. She thinks Simmons was after their cash, jewelry and TVs.

"There probably would have been a massacre here in my home," said Turner, whose son also lives at the home.

She is confident White convinced them to go back to the parking lot where they could go through his girlfriend's truck to look for more loot. Now Turner is just left with pictures in her search of justice.

"He didn't deserve to die the way he did, no matter what everybody else says happened," Turner said.

A vigil for Anquine White will be held on Sunday, May 17, at 2 p.m. It will be held at the Northport Shopping Center parking lot near Hornbacher's, where the shooting took place. All are welcome to attend.