MOORHEAD — A Breckenridge, Minn., man has been ordered to spend four months behind bars after police said he offered a Moorhead girl money for illicit images and sent her sexually explicit videos.

Clay County District Judge Amber Gustafson handed down a 15-month sentence on Friday, June 26, to Daniel Santacruz Espinoza, 38, after he pleaded guilty in September to distributing material that relates or describes sexual conduct to a child. A second similar charge was dismissed.

That prison time was suspended for five years in exchange for a plea deal, and instead Espinoza was sentenced to 120 days in Clay County Jail. He must report to serve his time in October, Gustafson said.

A 14-year-old girl previously told police that Espinoza offered to be her “sugar daddy” while talking to her over social media, according to court documents. He sent the girl a list of prices for things he was willing to pay her to do, including an offer of $250 for a video of her performing a sexual act, court documents said.

Espinoza also sent sexually explicit videos of himself to the girl, prosecutors said.

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During Friday’s hearing, Espinoza said he was innocent, despite previously entering a guilty plea. A motion to withdraw that plea was denied after Gustafson found it was entered voluntarily and legally.

Espinoza said he wanted to fight the charges but that his attorney told him it was better to take the plea deal.

“And I listened like an idiot, but I should have known better not to listen,” Espinoza said.

Gustafson said Espinoza has a right to appeal the sentencing and the ruling to deny the motion to withdraw the plea.