MOORHEAD — The Moorhead Police Department searches for individuals who stole two all-terrain vehicles and one trailer during broad daylight.

According to the police, the theft happened near the intersection of 30th Avenue south and 22nd Street, by the Village Green golf course where the ATVs and trailer were parked.

"That's like somebody breaking into your house," Hylla said.

It felt like a violation of privacy, he said.

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Hylla was running errands the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 23, while his wife was at home taking a nap. His two ATVs were out in the driveway since he was working on them.

At about 1:50 p.m., a white SUV pulled into his driveway, and two people got out. Video from his neighbor's security camera shows them attaching his trailer to their hitch. Gateway dealer plates were visible on the SUV. The alleged thieves spent several minutes attaching Hylla's trailer, before pulling it out, and driving away west on 30th Avenue south.

Hylla got home about 30 minutes after the theft. He first checked to see if family members or friends borrowed them, until finding out they were stolen.

"I couldn't believe that somebody would actually, during the daylight, let alone just taking something that big from you," Hylla said. "The one on the back just wasn't tied down, so I just don't know if they lost it someplace while they were driving it."

So far, the two people have not been found or identified. Friends of Hylla said they thought they saw the vehicle somewhere in town, but so far, no leads.

Hylla hopes the suspects return his ATVs and said he will press charges.

"You can't let people do that," Hylla said.

More of his neighbors are now putting up their own security systems, hoping thefts like this stop happening in their neighborhood.

Hylla estimates the total value of what was stolen from him at approximately $18,000.