It was a huge problem this summer and into early winter. Police say these kids are creating a dangerous situation for all involved.

The group is easy to recognize. All around downtown and south of Main Avenue in Fargo. They pop wheelies as they travel, but the problem comes as they meet traffic. In the quiet neighborhoods around Broadway, in the heart of the city, as their own public Instagram and Tik Tok accounts show the kids on the bikes continue to do wheelies and play chicken with cars.

The teenagers' antics force the drivers of those cars to swerve or stop. They even do this in front of Fargo Police, Fargo Fire Department vehicles, and even FM Ambulances.

Fargo Police say that school resource officers are involved in working with the juveniles to keep them from the bad bike behavior.

"The type of behavior driving in traffic on bikes is very dangerous, high risk behavior which can result in injury or death," Fargo Police Lt. Bill Ahlfeldt said.

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WDAY received well over a hundred responses on the Next Door App of people telling their story of dealing with local kids on bicycles.

Eric of Fargo writes that the kids were "riding wheelies between cars, flipping people off." They would ride into oncoming cars playing chicken, causing drivers to slam on their brakes.

Others report the kids saying disparaging, sexual comments to women on sidewalks, and "asking for nude photos."

One person named Daniel writes, "(I)Had a kid attempt to kick my car as he rode down the middle of the street, holding up traffic. "

Jeff Morrau of Fargo lives near Lindenwood Park and has witnessed this many times. He hopes someone isn't hurt or killed because of the reckless behavior.

"(It)Kind of scared me, there was a larger truck, like a Ram, or something like that and the kid popped a wheelie and played chicken with the truck," Morrau said. "I can't imagine how that might make someone feel striking a child, no matter what careless behavior brought that to occur."

One resident says they saw one of the boys "nearly smoked by a pickup, but the driver swerved in time. The kid on the bike bashed right into a parked car."

The kids have recorded videos just days ago of them on snow the snow-covered streets of Fargo. In the last few month, dozens have reported incidents to Fargo Police. Two have been referred to juvenile court.

"After the large group was juvenile referred, many of them have not been involved and just a few are doing this," said Ahlfeldt.

One resident told them "anyone who downplays this as kids will be kids is part of the problem." All agree that this can't continue into next summer. Either police take it to the next level, or parents of the kids need to play a bigger role in stopping the bad behavior.

"You think about the long term consequences, what happens if it isn't checked," said Morrau.