FARGO — A man has been caught on camera trying to get into a woman's garage and other vehicles, and it's becoming, what she and others say, is an alarming trend in the area.

Jewel Spies has lived in her Fargo home for a few years. She regularly checks her security camera footage every morning, and on Tuesday, Feb. 16, she found an unpleasant surprise.

"(He)walked up like he owned the place, just as casual as can be," Spies said.

Around 10:45 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 15, her cameras catching a young man trying to open her garage door. After realizing it's locked, the man can then be seen walking away. Neighbors reported seeing more the same night.

One posting to Nextdoor wrote "he tried the neighbor's vehicle doors but didn't get in."

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"It's just disgusting that people mess around with other people's property, or even try to," Spies said.

Spies says this is one of multiple incidents in the area of people stealing from garages or parked vehicles, which is why she has many security measures in place.

The Fargo Police Department says there were five reported burglaries in south Fargo in the first 15 days of 2021. So far, 95 different incidents have been reported, which include things like criminal trespass and garage burglaries.

Spies says people have been stealing things like snowmobiles and weed-whackers from garages over the past year, sometimes, in broad daylight.

"It was a pretty nice and quiet neighborhood, and we want to keep it that way," Spies said.

She says technically a crime wasn't committed, but being proactive helps make sure it stays that way. Spies says she's reported the incident to Fargo police and, gave them the video as well.

"If it's a trend and maybe for somebody else he will get in and I don't want anybody to get hurt," Spies said. "I think everybody needs to know, just in case he did get into somebody else's (garage)."