FARGO — Newly released details, including who allegedly shot first, are shedding more light on what led up to a January shooting outside a Fargo apartment complex that left one injured.

Fargo Police Detective Troy Hanson testified Thursday, April 15, in Cass County District Court about how Jerome Wesseh Koon Jr., 28, his sister Doris Koon and Opheliah Quiah tried to get into an apartment unit at The Arbors, 718 23rd St. S., on Jan. 24. Oliver Tye, 21, who was in that apartment, jumped out a window with three other men, confronted Koon and his group with a gun and opened fire, prosecutors alleged.

Both Tye and Koon, who allegedly fired an AR-style rifle at Tye, are charged with attempted murder. Koon pleaded not guilty on Thursday, April 15, to the Class A felony attempted murder charge, as well as Class C felony counts of reckless endangerment, tampering with physical evidence, being a felon who possessed a weapon illegally, terrorizing and theft of a firearm.

Court documents laid out claims that a group of people showed up to an apartment and tried to get in, but Hanson’s testimony gave more detail. Video showed the Koons and Quiah going into the apartment building to the unit where Tye, a woman and two other males were, Hanson said.

Doris Koon and Quiah can be seen pounding on and kicking the door, and Jerome Koon stuck the barrel of his AR-style rifle under the closed door, the detective said.

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The group went outside to an adjacent apartment building entrance, Hanson said. Tye, a man and a 17-year-old juvenile jumped out of the apartment window, with Tye holding a handgun, according to the detective.

Koon can be seen on video grabbing the AR-style rifle out of Quiah’s duffle bag, but he turns away from Tye to walk away, Hanson said. With Quiah in between the two armed men, Tye fired the first shot, Hanson said.

Koon turned around and pointed his rifle at Tye, but the shots hit the building in an upward motion, the detective said. One bullet went into an occupied unit on the third floor, Hanson said.

Quiah was hit three times — once on her hand, once on her arm and a third shot grazed her head, Hanson said. It’s likely all three of those shots came from Tye, Hanson said.

The Koons helped Quiah into a vehicle, and Jerome Koon drove her to a hospital, according to court documents. He left the hospital and allegedly hid the rifle under a dumpster nearby where he was found, Hanson said.

Tye was arrested Feb. 23. He pleaded not guilty on April 8 to attempted murder, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Quiah, Doris Koon and others involved in the incident have not been charged.

Jerome Koon has a drug conviction from New Jersey on his record, prosecutors said. The AR-style rifle he had was reported stolen in 2020, Hanson added.