WYNDMERE, N.D. — A strong summer storm blew through town, dusting up the main drag.

"Right after the storm is over, everybody mobilizes and gets each other cleaned up," said resident Jim Riffel.

This would be the second time the town of 400 would come together on Monday, July 19.

"I didn't believe it," Jon Skillings said.

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Four hours earlier, the town's only bank was robbed.

"Wyndmere usually doesn't hit the news except for a big storm," Riffel said.

Around 11 a.m. Monday morning, the Richland County Sheriff's Office said, a woman robbed the Lincoln State Bank. The sheriff provided few other details, so it is unknown how much money was stolen and whether a weapon was used.

The sheriff believes the woman got away in a tan or beige GMC or Chevy pickup with a topper. Some in town wonder if it's really a man and not a woman.

"They did it real quiet; they were in and out and gone and most people didn't know anything about it," Riffel said.

So quiet that Riffel was out giving a friend some produce from the garden right across the street when it happened and didn't know it was happening.

Looking at the photo from police, he believes the getaway truck was actually parked right in front of the garden. No customers were in the bank, just two employees. They were not hurt. The bank opened up after its usual lunch break.

"They were all worried about the tellers because they are all from here," Skillings said.

While the town is still in shock, many say they still feel safe.

"They shouldn't be able to get away with something like this, and our law enforcement will get the job done," Riffel said.