FARGO — Cody Landman and his husband, Tyler Dekrey, posted a video from their Ring doorbell on the Nextdoor app and said they are very upset and disappointed.

The video shows a man riding up to the house on a bicycle. Getting off the bike, the man approaches the home and begins vandalizing their Halloween display.

It is the second time in two weeks he has done so.

"We've been doing this since 2016. And yes, we've just been adding on to it every year," Landman said. "That's why it's the biggest disappointment of all this time. Just why now?"

The man broke and stole several portions of the display that took Landman and his husband more than five total hours to assembled.

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Last Friday, they said, the man took masks from the display.

"What are you gaining from this? What makes you think that this is remotely okay? Is it worth destroying property like this and all the time and effort and money that people put in this?" Landman said.

As of now, the couple has not called the police, but they said neighbors should keep their guard up as the man is still out there.