WDAY INVESTIGATES: Jailed Audubon suspect may have been provoked into killing

One man is in jail, and another is dead after a fatal incident in Audubon.
Becker County Jail mugshot

AUDUBON, Minn. — 29-year-old Michael Ray Eric Thomas Mason currently sits in Becker County jail.

He's accused of killing a man in Audubon on Tuesday, Nov. 13, and is being held on suspicion of first-degree manslaughter, according to Becker County Jail.

Investigators aren't releasing any details about the incident, but Mason's charge suggests a few things:

First, according to the Minnesota Revisor of Statutes, he killed a man on purpose.

Second, he did it in the heat of passion. The charge suggests he was provoked in a way that would cause "a person of ordinary self-control" to kill.

The charge would suggest Mason was not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs at the time.

Little is known about the victim, but we do know this isn't Mason's first run-in with law enforcement.

In 2009, he was convicted of disorderly conduct in a burglary attempt gone wrong.

Forum news archives indicate Mason tried robbing an Otter Tail County home when his burglary accomplice was shot by the homeowner. He also has a handful of drug charges on his record.

Audubon Police did not return calls for questions and the Becker County Sheriff's Office would not provide any further details.