STAPLES, Minn. — A brother and sister are accused of beating and shooting their family's dog at a campground in Wadena County in central Minnesota over the weekend.

The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office, consulting with the Humane Society, has been investigating the incident.

The dog was first beaten with a golf club before being shot, according to a source close to the investigation who didn't want to be identified. The brother and sister were reportedly upset that their dog had nipped at another family member.

On Sunday, Feb. 17, at 11:07 a.m., the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an individual finding a dead dog at McGivern Park campground north of Staples in Wadena County. The caller stated there were several shell casings around the dog.

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The sheriff’s office started getting more calls Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 19, related to a video posted on Facebook that showed an individual shooting a dog. The dog was wearing a collar, connected to a leash and laying down in the snow.

The Facebook video shows an individual shooting the dog one time and then another person kicking snow on the dog. The dog appeared motionless before and after the gunshot. There were names attached to the Facebook post and follow-up was conducted with said individuals.

A deputy with the sheriff’s office arrived on scene and located the dog near the river. The dog had a collar and leash attached, but no tags.

A family member of the siblings who didn't want to be identified said the siblings need to be held accountable for their alleged actions.

"They have managed to evade discipline their entire lives," the family member said. "I am worried about what will happen next. This was cold-hearted, a thrill for them, with no regard to life."

A second release from the Wadena County Sheriff's Office says there is a second video that might exist of the same dog being abused with golf clubs before being shot. The sheriff's office says they haven't seen this video or know if it exists.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the Wadena County Sheriff's Office at 218-631-7600.