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Dilworth rejects proposal to limit number of household pets

Fargo, Moorhead limit pets, but not West Fargo

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Many pets will experience separation anxiety and other behavioral problems as their humans return to the office. iStock / Special to The Forum

DILWORTH — The Dilworth City Council has rejected a proposal to limit the number of pets households may have within the city limits.

Mayor Chad Olson said from his perspective it "isn't an issue" in the city, and thus he didn't see the need for such a regulation written into city ordinances.

The proposal was similar to Moorhead's limit of four pets, which can be a combination of dogs and cats.

Olson realized it was simple reasoning, but he said sometimes that's the best.

Councilwoman Julie Nash agreed. In an email, she said there was not an "identified issue with the specific number of animals in a household."


"I did not feel we needed to regulate it at this point in time," she said.

The council unanimously rejected the proposal, 5-0.

Fargo has a limit of six pets, while West Fargo does not have a limit.

West Fargo city spokeswoman Mattie Hjelseth said a household can "have as many pets as they are able to properly care for and is able to do so in a safe, clean and good manner."

The city's animal regulation ordinance, however, has a rather lengthy portion on the regulation of snakes. In addition to a much higher license fee, it states that "no owner may possess more than three restricted non-venomous constricting snakes unless the owner has a been issued" a special permit through police.

All of the cities have pet licensing requirements to help control rabies.

Earlier, Dilworth City Administrator Peyton Mastera said the most significant part of the pet proposal was one that would offer residents a one-time license for having a microchip placed in their animal. That measure was approved by the council.

The reasoning behind the microchipping option was that police were spending a lot of time when a stray dog or cat calls come in, and they have to be transported to the F-M Animal Hospital. That process involves a lot of time not only for the police, but also for the owner, who has to pick up the animal.

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