Downtown crime and parking main topics in August Downtown Download

More parking violations have occurred downtown due to more people spending time in the area. Crime downtown is on the decline.

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FARGO — The city of Fargo held the August Downtown Download on Wednesday, Aug. 31. The meeting aimed to update residents on new developments and issues that occur in downtown Fargo.

The Fargo Police Department says the Ride Share pickup locations in downtown Fargo have been successful in the first couple weeks of operation, but there are some bumps in the proverbial road to still figure out.

One issue has been parking violations at some of the pick-up locations — most noticeably, at the NP Avenue location. Ride share drivers have had to double park to pick up people. Fargo police say there is a simple answer as to why vehicle violations have been more common downtown.

"I really think what we are running into — not only in the downtown area with traffic, but the city of Fargo —there are more people than what we have ever seen, and there is more traffic then we have ever seen," said Lieutenant Bill Ahlfeldt from the Fargo Police Department.

Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 2 a.m. are when police say they are fielding the highest volume of calls about crime in downtown Fargo. There have been more than 50 calls to downtown over the month of August. One of those was a shooting, and there was also a separate call that turned into a murder investigation.


But police say they're making progress. These numbers are down from previous months, and they expect calls to keep dropping.

"We see that trend start to go down as we move into the fall and as students start to move into the city of Fargo for college. Crime starts to go down in our downtown area statistically for many years," said Lieutenant Ahlfeldt.

A partnership between the Fargo Police Department, the Cass County Sheriff's Office and the North Dakota Highway Patrol has been made to bring more enforcement to the downtown area.

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