The budget and finance committee of the State Board of Higher Education approved a slight pay bump for the system chancellor and staff.

The salary increases are based on documented performance evaluations and legislative funding, according to a state board memo. The salary bumps also align more with relevant market data. Salary ranges are based on 80-120% of the median comparative universities.

North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott’s salary will go up from $372,000 to $374,000. Hagerott’s salary is about 67% of the median salary for someone in a similar position

The system chief of staff, Terry Meyer, is also getting a pay bump of $12,000. He will now make $110,880. That number includes a 10% bump to match the market and the 2% increase provided by the legislature.

Tammy Dolan, vice chancellor for administrative affairs/chief financial officer for the system, also had a $2,400 pay raise, along with vice chancellor of academic and student affairs Lisa Johnson, who will make $167,400 and $202,400 respectively.