MOORHEAD — When the first bricks started going up on Minnesota State University Moorhead's Weld Hall in 1915, Babe Ruth had just hit his first home run and World War I was rumbling in Europe.

Now that historic, oldest building on campus could see a much-needed face-lift. As part of Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz's bonding wish list, Weld may see its first renovation in decades.

"If you think about how many students have gone through all of our buildings, this building has probably educated more students than any other buiding," said MSUM Facilities director, Brenda Norris, while giving WDAY News a tour of what is to come.

Inside Weld there is a historic theater that has hosted choirs and bands. It is often photographed with stained glass windows as a backdrop on the stage.

"The stage actually becomes larger, in the remodel, to accommodate larger bands," Norris said.

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In the lower level of Weld, there are winding, iron staircases. While useless today, it was part of the early design.

"It's interesting because you go to the blueprints and as we're trying to renovate, we're trying to learn how this building was built," Norris said.

"One of the things we're trying to do in our remodel is to reinstate the balcony," Norris said of a balcony at Weld Hall that had been covered up decades ago.

Not included in the remodel is the theater organ and pipes that were part of Weld for years, but are not useful or practical anymore.

The aging building needs a new roof, and after decades of no updating, a remodel to help make the building more accessible.

Gov. Walz is asking for $17 million to update Weld Hall.

"There is a lot of infrastructure that needs to be taken care of. We need a new roof, we need to have more energy efficient windows, we need to take care of our outside," Norris said. "The inside has not been remodeled for 50 years."