BISMARCK — Distance learning plans for all public and private school districts across North Dakota went into effect Wednesday, April 1.

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and the governor’s office approved the plans submitted by 171 public school districts and 39 private schools in North Dakota, Superintendent Kirsten Baesler said Wednesday, April 1, in her daily briefing to educators and administrators.

After Gov. Doug Burgum closed schools on March 16, schools were required to send in distance learning plans for the state to review and approve. School buildings across the state remain closed indefinitely.

Though the state has 175 districts, Baesler said some districts, like Anamoose and Drake, in central North Dakota, sent in adjoining plans. The schools have different school boards, but share a superintendent and effectively act as one district, Baesler said. Hope and Page, in eastern North Dakota, are in a similar situation and submitted one plan.

If schools did not receive an official notice, they are asked to reach out to Baesler’s office.

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Baesler acknowledged that while the districts’ work to put together the plans is done, there will still be some “bumps” in the road as the districts implement those plans.

“I acknowledge the fact that the implementation phase will actually be harder,” she said. “I'll use an analogy: planning the wedding is hard, living in a marriage is the work. So, what we're into right now is the implementation of what our plans were. And there will be bumps and I think it's OK that we acknowledge that.”

Baesler encouraged districts to reach out to the Department of Public Instruction with concerns or questions.

“We don't expect or think these things are going to be executed perfectly,” Baesler said, noting that there will be adjustments for everyone involved, including students, parents and teachers.