Teachers have really gone above and beyond the call of duty during the pandemic, switching gears mid-year to online learning and trying to keep students engaged when all the distractions of home are a foot away.

Teachers say their hearts go out to seniors who are missing out on so many milestones. So this week, in our "Spot of Sunshine" weekly good news roundup, we take a peek at some teachers who are finding new ways to reach out to students.

Pete Phillips, a teacher in Waubun, Minn., felt so bad for his students missing their prom this year, that he decided to make a how-to make your own 'coronaprom' video. He says it's "a 1950's style tutorial complete with cheesy music, a narrator with a tacky tux and old people acting young." Phillips says it's not it's not too late to make memories.

"Empower yourself to make the best of a ridiculous situation by doing something ridiculous. If you just sit back and think of what you don't have, you will miss out on everything," he says.

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Scott Kummrow, the band director at Fergus Falls High School, is wishing the class of 2020 well, but he went a step farther the other day, playing an arrangement of 'Pomp and Circumstance' all by himself, including all 20 parts complete with costume changes.

Middle school physical education teacher Andre Zimiga deserves applause this week for a great idea for a wild dance party for all middle schoolers in town. Before you go thinking that sounds like a chaperone's nightmare, no worries — the dance party was held in everyone’s driveways with music by Y-94.

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