Experts recommend patience when it comes to stimulus checks

Millions of Americans saw stimulus money get into their bank accounts Wednesday, March 17, but many more still don't have their payment yet.

The IRS website has a tool for people to track the status of their stimulus checks . If it isn't working, a local tax advisor recommends people double check their most recent tax filings.

Income thresholds changed for who can get the $1,400, so some people might not get this one even though they qualified for past stimulus checks.

For those who qualify and still don't have their check, it's recommended to just remain patient.

WDAY News asked Devon Liljenquist, president of Arrow Advisors CPA & Wealth Managers, why most people got their payments on Wednesday.

"They put it out in batches, so that must have been the first large batch of returns that had direct deposit information and had everything that they needed to send those out," Liljenquist said.

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