Fargo neighborhood near NDSU looking for 'jerks' who smashed house and car windows over the weekend

A Fargo family is cleaning up a mess and out hundreds of dollars after being the target of vandals for the second time in two weeks. And they aren't the only ones hit in their neighborhood.

FARGO — Sam Corr picked broken glass off the ground right outside his living room window. He is still cleaning up the mess after his house near North Dakota State University was vandalized early Sunday morning, May 2.

"This one went through both panes, this one went through both panes," explaining which windows had rocks thrown thru them.

Corr heard the crash just after rocking his young son back to bed around 2 a.m. They had been sitting on the other side of one of the windows.

"Scary, if we were still there, glass flying, he could have gotten hurt, I could have gotten hurt," said Corr.

Someone had thrown decorative rocks from outside his home thru the front windows.


"I thought it was an intruder," Corr said. "I didn't even think of someone throwing rocks, why would you do that."

Another person in the Roosevelt neighborhood reported having their pickup windows smashed as well.

"It's aggravating, it's frustrating," said Corr.

This is actually the second time his home has had a window broken in two weeks. A front window was smashed with a rock then too.

He does not believe his family of seven is being targeted, but thinks it's potentially drunk students.

"We didn't go throw rocks through people's windows, we never dreamed of that," said Corr reflecting back to his college days.

His wife admitted they needed new windows, but this is not the way they wanted to replace them. It has cost them $500. They will also likely remove the decorative rocks from their yard.

Corr and his wife hope those who have smashed their windows feel their pain, and will see more clearly through the new glass as adults.


"They don't think about it right now, but in ten years, it could be them and their kids sitting on the other side of the window," said Corr.

Fargo police did not say how many calls for vandalism they took in the Roosevelt neighborhood that night. They said they don't have any suspects, and are trying to find out if any homes in the area have cameras.

Matt Henson is an Emmy award-winning reporter/photographer/editor for WDAY. Prior to joining WDAY in 2019, Matt was the main anchor at WDAZ in Grand Forks for four years. He was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia and attended college at Lyndon State College in northern Vermont, where he was recognized twice nationally, including first place, by the National Academy for Arts and Science for television production. Matt enjoys being a voice for the little guy. He focuses on crimes and courts and investigative stories. Just as often, he shares tear-jerking stories and stories of accomplishment. Matt enjoys traveling to small towns across North Dakota and Minnesota to share their stories. He can be reached at and at 610-639-9215. When he's not at work (rare) Matt resides in Moorhead and enjoys spending time with his daughter, golfing and attending Bison and Sioux games.
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