Fargo teachers raise concerns and consider options before Fargo school year

Fargo Public School's District Office building in North Fargo.

FARGO — Over 900 teachers in Fargo public schools will be going back to class, whether they step in or sign on could be up to them.

Teachers, just like parents, get to place their input into the restart plan.

"We aren't going to be left behind in the conversation and they understand that this is our workplace, these are our safety concerns," said Jenifer Mastrud, Fargo Education Association President.

Even if schools use a hybrid plan, teachers will still exposed to all of their students.


"There is fear. Do they get to go home and see their families on Thanksgiving now? Because they have been put on the front lines with students now who may transmit it," she said.

Job security is also a concern. For teachers who don't want to go back to class, they can sign up to teach in the district's online virtual academy.

But if they make that choice, the district can't promise teachers will get placed back in the same school in the Fall of 2021.

"I've had a lot of teachers reach out to me saying, I'm in this building and I really like my building - but I can't be in the classroom," said Mastrud.

With the restart plan now approved, teachers are hoping to get more concrete answers.

Student sign-up for the virtual academy starts Saturday, Aug. 1, and goes for one week. The district will see how many students sign up before hiring on teachers.

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