Fargo woman accused of elbowing officer in Shanley parking lot charged with felony

Jami Lee Streyle

FARGO — A 42-year-old Fargo woman repeatedly tried to elbow an officer while resisting arrest for trespassing in the Shanley High School parking lot, according to documents filed Friday, Sept. 6, in Cass County District Court.

Police said they were first called to Shanley High School after 8 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 5, to a report of a woman who wasn’t supposed to be on school property who was trying to pick up her children. Once on scene, an officer told Jami Lee Streyle that she was trespassing and had to leave.

The officer returned about one hour later and found Streyle still in the school’s parking lot, according to his synopsis of the incident. When the officer told Streyle she was under arrest for trespassing, Streyle said she had court papers proving she could take her kids out of school.

According to court documents, the officer then tried to reach out and grab Streyle, but Strelye pushed his hand away. When the officer tried to grab her again, Streyle tried to elbow him in the head multiple times, hitting him once, documents state.

The officer then pushed Streyle against her vehicle, where she elbowed him in the jaw, according to court documents, which state that when the officer told Streyle she had struck a police officer she responded, “I know.”


The officer then took Streyle to the ground and eventually got her on her back, where she then kicked him in the chest three times, documents state.

The officer said in his synopsis that he ended up with a scraped knuckle on his left hand after the fight. Streyle was offered medical assistance but refused, but court documents state she was still brought to the hospital before being brought to Cass County Jail.

Streyle was formally charged Friday with assault on a peace officer, a Class C felony, as well as misdemeanor charges of preventing arrest and criminal trespass.

The Cass County Jail said she was bonded out on Friday, but did not provide a specific amount.

Tanner Robinson is a producer for First News on WDAY-TV.
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