Carl Ben Eielson 8th graders held a CO2-powered car race

More than 120 students participated in the event.

Carl Ben Eielson eighth-graders CO2 race cars.
Anne Sara Bien-Aime / WDAY News

Fargo — Carl Ben Eilson held their annual CO2-powered car race.

The students hand-crafted wooden cars in the automation and robotics course.

In using their scientific and engineering knowledge to build their cars, each student raced them in the school hallway for medals and bragging rights for the owners of the fastest car.

The speed of the cars, at times, exceeded 25 miles per hour.

The students used their creativity with traditional materials and new technology.


“I put a lot of time to the making the car itself. It's like the whole cutting process, sanding process, painting process, all that, and so it's kind of cool that you can just design how you want to and then see how does in the race," said eighth grader Elliot Lamb

For many of the students, it took them almost two weeks to complete their design. According to Lamb, this taught them how to be determined.

"I would say this taught me to put my best effort into something, maybe I don't even particularly want to do. Just make sure to always put your best effort into something, whether you want to do it or not," Lamb said.

Three students were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals based on aerodynamics, efficiency, speed, and best design.

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