Cass County finalizing plans to collect unused sandbags

Contractors will likely begin picking up the sandbags this Friday along the Sheyenne River system.

Stacked sandbags on a truck outside Sandbag Cass. Now some of those sandbags will be making their way back to the Cass County Highway Department.
Jay Dahl / WDAY News.

FARGO — Cass County is preparing to collect unused sandbags, likely starting this Friday, May 5.

Cass County Engineer Jason Benson says contractors will be picking up the sandbags along the Sheyenne River System where overland flooding wasn't as severe as expected.

He says 20,000 of these recovered Sandbags will be stored inside at the Cass County Highway Department. Another 20,000 will be covered and stored outside the department.

Benson also says the collection of used sandbags should happen some time next week.

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