Coalition aims to hinder Red River Women's Clinic's move to Moorhead

The group PLAM Action is working to keep the Red River Women's clinic from moving to Moorhead. Their effort is intensifying, with the North Dakota trigger law kicking in in about three weeks, forcing the clinic to stop operations in the state.

Protestors and volunteer clinic escorts stand outside the Red River Women's Clinic.
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MOORHEAD — With a recent court battle adding time to the clock, the North Dakota trigger ban on abortion will take hold in 24 days. Anyone seeking abortion care after those 24 days will have to cross state lines into Moorhead, where the Red River Women's Clinic plans to move from its downtown Fargo location.

PLAM Action, a newly formed opposition group which stands for Pro-Life Action Ministries, is publicly pledging to keep the clinic from opening in Moorhead.

Minnesota state representative Tim Miller, a Republican, is one of the people in charge of PLAM Action. He said their options are limited.

"We did investigate to see if we had any sort of legal pathway to stop them," he explained. "We don't."

Miller claims they found out where the new clinic will be, but are not publicizing its location. Instead of legal action with the city, the coalition plans to start 40 days of prayer at the new site starting Thursday, Aug. 4.


"Minnesota is becoming an abortion destination for other states, and Moorhead is going to be the tip of that spear," Miller said.

When WDAY News last spoke with Red River Women's Clinic Director Tammi Kromenaker, she said they're not saying where the new clinic will be relocated to ahead of moving — an effort to keep the place safe.

Kromenaker said in response to the opposition group that they are used to, "bullies trying to harass and intimidate" them and their patients, adding they are doing what they can to ensure safety and security at the new site.

Supporters of the Red River Women's Clinic are just shy of raising $1 million on GoFundMe , 39 days after their fundraiser started. Kromenaker has said in the past this money will help them move to Moorhead, make improvements to the new site and install more security features.

An opening day has yet to be announced for the Moorhead location.

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