Fargo 'pro-white activist' listed as witness against man accused of killing 14-year-old

It's unknown why Peter Tefft could be called to testify in Arthur Kollie's trial, but the local associated with white supremacists visited the defendant, who is Black, in jail.

Arthur Kollie, left, and Peter Tefft.
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FARGO — A local “pro-white” activist who spoke with a jailed Black man accused of killing a young teenager last year in Fargo could testify during the defendant’s trial.

Peter Tefft is listed in court documents as a witness for prosecutors in the Arthur Prince Kollie trial. The 24-year-old Kollie is charged with murder, robbery and aggravated assault after police said he attacked 14-year-old Jupiter Paulsen on June 4, 2021, in the Party City parking lot in south Fargo.

Investigators said Jupiter was stabbed more than 20 times in the nearly 30-minute assault. She died several days later due to loss of oxygen to her brain, Cass County prosecutor Ryan Younggren said.

Jupiter Paulsen mug.jpg
Jupiter Paulsen.
Photo provided by family

The state is expected to argue that Kollie knowingly and intentionally caused the girl’s death. Kollie’s attorney, Eric Baumann, plans to use a lack of criminal responsibility defense.

Baumann hasn’t disclosed the strategy for that argument, though Kollie has previously said an alter ego named Prince sometimes takes over for him.


Kollie also said he ingested meth the day before the attack and doesn’t remember assaulting Jupiter.

The trial, which could last four days, started Tuesday, Sept. 6, in Cass County District Court with jury selection. Attorneys spent the first two days questioning a pool of 82 potential jurors.

Opening statements had not been presented as of Wednesday afternoon.

Prosecutors said they have narrowed down their list of potential witnesses to roughly 30 people. Among those listed are law enforcement, medical personnel, forensic analysts, a sanitation worker who intervened in the attack and Jupiter’s father, Robert Paulsen.

Tefft also made the list, but public court documents do not disclose his involvement in the case.

Arthur Kollie appears during a hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022, at the Cass County Courthouse before his trial.
Chris Flynn / The Forum

Younggren declined to say why Tefft may testify. Tefft did not return messages left by The Forum.

What may explain why Tefft is on the list of potential witnesses is his visit to the Cass County Jail on May 14. On that day he spoke with Kollie via a video phone at the jail, Jail Administrator Andrew Frobig said in an email to The Forum. Tefft initiated the visit, Frobig added.

Visitors can use the remote device at the jail to speak with an inmate via video conferencing. The company that provides the service has limited video storage space and only retains 14 days worth of content, Frobig said.


That means a video recording of Tefft’s visit with Kollie is no longer available, Frobig said.

The Forum was unable to confirm the details of Tefft's discussion with Kollie, and it's unclear whether the prosecution was able to obtain the recording.

“All the investigators in various departments have access to the same system, so I suppose it is possible that someone on the case might have been monitoring and may have preserved one, but the system doesn’t show me whether that is the case or not,” Frobig said.

Tefft has described himself as a “pro-white advocate.” He has connections to the National Justice Party (NJP), which was formed in 2020 by white supremacists. The NJP says it pushes for white civil rights, but the group has been criticized for antisemetic language.

Peter Tefft. Forum file photo

Tefft and some future NJP members marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, during the Unite The Right rally.

The 2017 march that turned violent attracted neo-Nazis, white nationalists and alt-right ideologists.

Robert Paulsen said in April that he had partnered with local pro-white activists in an effort to seek justice for his daughter. This came after Kollie was allowed to withdraw guilty pleas in the case.

Tefft and the NJP spearheaded a June 4, 2022, memorial walk for Jupiter, as well as a protest “dedicated to all victims of anti-white violence.” An NJP blog post claimed the criminal justice system has implemented policy to replace the white population, adding that the move led to Jupiter’s death.


Robert Paulsen told The Forum in July he is against white supremacy, but the NJP is the only support he has received. Paulsen is Caucasian, while Jupiter’s mother is half white and half Hispanic.

“I’m not trying to start a race war, although it is coming. I have no faith in the system," Paulsen said in the July interview. "They (National Justice Party members) are the only ones who continue to press, and I am like ‘Go ahead, maybe you guys can rattle some cages.'"

There has been no evidence presented by police or in court to suggest Kollie was motivated to kill Jupiter because of her race. Police have called the attack random.

April Baumgarten joined The Forum in February 2019 as an investigative reporter. She grew up on a ranch 10 miles southeast of Belfield, N.D., where her family raises Hereford cattle. She double majored in communications and history/political science at the University of Jamestown, N.D.
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