Fargo seeks nominations for awards honoring legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

The awards, sponsored by Fargo's Human Rights Commission, will be presented at the Fargo Theatre on Monday, Jan. 16, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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FARGO — Fargo's Human Rights Commission is seeking nominations of local individuals or groups whose work embodies Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy.

The Umoja 54 awards include the Radical Change Award, Sow a Seed Award and Centering Youth in Our Society Award, all of which honor King.

Community members are encouraged to submit nominations online by Friday, Dec. 16.

The Radical Change Award is given to an individual or group leading change in North Dakota in a radical way and contributing to the advancement of freedom and human rights in the community.

The Sow a Seed Award honors someone who initiates or takes part in activities that contribute to the educational, social, economic or political life of the community.


The Centering Youth in Our Society Award is given to an individual or group helping youth become future leaders, particularly those from underserved communities. This award recognizes programs that open new pathways to learning, self-discovery and achievement.

The awards will be presented at the Fargo Theatre on Monday, Jan. 16, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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