Fran and Earl say 'I do' in doggone nice wedding at Homeward Animal Shelter

The two four-legged love birds got married in an effort to find them forever homes.

Homeward Animal Shelter hopes Newlyweds Fran and Earl will soon find a forever home.
Ryan Longnecker / WDAY News
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FARGO — Like any wedding, there was panic before the ceremony.

"Do you approve of the flowers?" a volunteer asked a cat nearby the hustle and bustle of the wedding.

How do wedding flowers fit on a dog?

"Aw, look at her," a volunteer said, working with the bride.

All the planning possible went into the nuptials. Bubbles, a wedding arch and even a cake to make the day special. The stars of the show were pit bulls, Fran and Earl.


"We were talking about Fran and Earl, a bonded pair of senior pits," Heather Klefstad, of Homeward Animal Shelter, said.

The senior pit bulls awaiting adoption come as a team. The wedding, held Tuesday, July 12, was a chance for them to get noticed.

Tasha Haug from the Homeward Animal Shelter assists Earl and Fran with their wedding cake after nuptials were exchanged at Northern Plains Botanic Garden on Tuesday, July 12, 2022. The celebrity canine couple will hold their wedding reception Tuesday, July 19, at the 32nd Annual Paws Walk event at Rheault Farm.
David Samson / The Forum

"They are a very cute couple. Fran grins from ear to ear. Earl is just her little sidekick who does whatever Fran wants," Klefstad said.

Earl even proposed to Fran, and wedding invitations were sent.

Fellow shelter animals Stella and Rosie stood up for Fran. Coda and Brute stood up for Earl. Stella, wearing white lace, came down the garden path to a waiting Earl.

Others in the shelter double-dog dared him.

"Family and friends, thanks for coming today to share this wonderful occasion," said officiant Mike McFeely.

Yes, the dogs had their own bulldog officiant.


"In sorrow and joy, from this day forward," McFeely said.

The two Pits exchanged vows, collars, and then made it official with paw prints on the marriage certificate followed by the newlyweds wolfing down some doggone cake. It ended with the pups posing perfectly for the honeymoon picture.

The Homeward Animal Shelter has a big fundraiser coming up. Instead of wedding gifts for Earl and Fran, the shelter hopes donations will roll in in their honor at the 32nd Annual Paws Walk on Tuesday, July 19, at Rheault Farm .

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