'Grandmas are usually right:' Medium and late grandmother predict near miracle pregnancy

A West Fargo mom who used a medium to speak to passed relatives, instead hears something from a late grandmother that has now changed her life.

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Lacey Erickson has a recent ultrasound at Sanford Health after learning she was pregnant, despite a procedure to remove her fallopian tubes. Lacey said a prediction of a baby girl came before the surgery through her late grandmother, through a medium.
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FARGO — It threw her nurses and doctors for a loop. There's now a baby on the way.

Even Lacey Erickson thought her days of ultrasounds and baby pictures were over.

"I have two beautiful boys so I was like, 'I am good,'" Erickson said.

With a busy life, and those two boys, Erickson thought that was it.

"I definitely thought I was done having children," Erickson said.


Everything changed when she met Kate Pendry, a medium living in Bend, Oregon . Through her, Erickson was hoping to communicate with her late father and grandmother and heard something she didn't believe.

"They were like, 'You are meant to have another baby,' and the medium kept telling me that is what they were saying and my (late) grandma said, 'It was going to be a little girl and it will heal your heart.'" Erickson said. "At that point, I was like, 'I can't have another baby.'"

At first she laughed it off. She was scheduled to have her fallopian tubes removed in a couple of months, so she wouldn't be having more kids.

Her surgery was scheduled the week of Christmas at Sanford Health. Just before her surgery, a pregnancy test was done. It showed that she wasn't pregnant. The surgery went forward and the tubes were removed.

On New Year's Eve, Erickson felt something was off. She was right. Nurses had her come in for a pregnancy test, but no way it would be positive, right?

"And the nurses were like, 'Okay.' You could tell the way the nurses were reacting, and the staff, this is surprising," Erickson said.

The test showed that she was pregnant. According to Sanford obstetrics and gynecology specialist Dr. Don Gullicks, the earlier pregnancy test taken before her surgery came down to bad timing.

"It was a surprise because the timing of the pregnancy has to line up just perfectly, because we do a pregnancy test before surgery and it was negative," Gullicks said.


The baby is now due in September.

"My nurse came in, 'oh my gosh,' so you could tell people thought it was miraculous," Erickson said.

There have been gender reveals with friends and her two boys. Now, Erickson is monitoring the growth of that baby girl, and everything seems great.

"It is really exciting and I think because of the medium piece, hearing from my (late) grandma that I am meant to do this, fulfilling a life purpose," Erickson said.

She thinks her late grandma sure had a hand in this.

"Grandmas are usually right and she was. It is a baby girl," Erickson said.

The medium Kate Pendry was as shocked as anyone by the news.

"Holy cow, wow, this is correct. There are times you are blown away yourself," Pendry said.


Whatever is behind it all, Erickson is thrilled to be a mom again.

"I'm supposed to have this baby. I am meant to have it," she said.

Find out more about Kate Pendry here:

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