Grant applications open for Choice Bank child care funding

The childcare grant program helps rural providers with funding during hard times.

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FARGO — Applications are open for rural North Dakota child care providers to apply for funding from Choice Bank.

Those eligible to apply are day care providers in small rural communities throughout the state. The funding is designed to help with day cares in smaller communities stay open, so parents don't have to stay home from work.

"If they aren't open, that will only accelerate the decline of the community because then if there is not day care available, two family incomes are not that possible in that stage," said Choice Bank CEO Brian Johnson.

Choice Bank has awarded a combined $100,000 to 12 day cares across the state so far this year to help with funding.

"To the day care providers, the leaders, the community, how ever that day care is set up, either a profit or non profit, to know that there is support there and if you have a hiccup or a hurdle as well you're not out of business," he said.


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Those eligible can apply for funding at their website . The deadline is Nov. 30.

Choice Bank is also looking for partners to support with the program.

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