Last day of 40-degree weather in Fargo-Moorhead area was 118 days ago

With many bound to be getting weary of winter, and while we have certainly endured colder winters, we are in the top 10 for one special category.

Fargo North track athletes head out for a run on Tuesday evening, March 17, the 118th day in a row of temperatures less than 40 degrees.
Ryan Longnecker / WDAY News

FARGO — With 14-degree temperatures outside, inside sure seemed like a good call for the 140-member Fargo North track teams.

"The only group going outside will be the road crew," Mailloux said.

Outside, into the elements they went. But growing up running in Fargo, they knew spring practice might look like this.

"It's not the best, but it's good to run in," said Fargo North track athlete Simon Pryor. "A good temperature, keeps us moving."

As of Tuesday, March 7, we have conquered 118 straight days of temperatures under 40 degrees, dating back to Nov. 9. Since then, day after day, temperatures have never gone above 40.


"It kind of averages out that we had about 20% of our days in the FM area above freezing, at or above freezing. So it's not we've been lacking the days in the 30s, we just haven't hit that magical number of 40 degrees," said WDAY Storm Tracker meteorologist Jesse Ritka.

This top 10 weather record is certainly impressive. If we don't get to 40 degrees over the next 12 days, the time frame will bump up into the top five for consecutive days under 40. And with more snow on the way, it could happen.

"If we make it all the way to April 11, we'll break the all-time stretch," Ritka said.

For those north Fargo runners, the challenge is finding the dry pavement, always hoping sidewalks get shoveled. And while 40 degrees seems so far off, a kid can dream.

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