Live at 2 pm: Fargo might sue the state government over a law overturning the city's gun restrictions. Could they win?

Edward Krystosek, a past candidate for the Fargo City Commission, joins this episode of Plain Talk Live to discuss the commission's move to potentially sue the State of North Dakota over a law pre-empting a local anti-gun ordinance.

Commissioner John Strand will be chairman of a new city committee working on environmental stewardship and energy savings. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor
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Since 2007, the City of Fargo has had an ordinance making it illegal for federal firearms license holders to conduct transactions out of their homes.

Only, nobody really paid attention to it until federal officials became aware of it and informed FFL holders in Fargo operating that way that they couldn't renew their licenses.

There aren't many people in Fargo who do this. There were just seven in May of last year when then- Fargo Police Chief David Todd said there hadn't been any complaints about them.


Still, Fargo's city leaders have refused to back down from this restrictive ordinance, so the Legislature stepped in. During their 2021 session, they passed a state law pre-empting Fargo's ordinance. But at a recent meeting, city commissioners tabled a motion to bring their ordinance into compliance with state law, opting instead to explore a lawsuit against the state over the law.

Edward Krystosek, a Fargo resident and past candidate for the city commission who has followed this issue closely, joins this episode of Plain Talk Live to talk about the city's actions.

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