New law exempts nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity from contractor license fees

Executive directors for Habitat for Humanity were there for the entire legislative journey.

Directors of Habitat of Humanity with Governor Doug Burgum and the bill's authors at its signing, April 4. The bill will allow contractor license exemptions for nonprofits that build homes.
Contributed / Poppy Mills, archivist for the North Dakota Department of Transportation

FARGO — Senate Bill 2207 was recently passed in North Dakota, and supporters say it will make it faster and less expensive for nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity to build homes for families in need.

Over the last month, Habitat for Humanity constructed over 100 new houses in North Dakota.

In the past, nonprofits like Habitat of Humanity would be required to pay fees to start and keep their contractors license up to date.

Jim Nelson, one of the executive directors for Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity, worked closely with legislators to exempt any nonprofit that builds and sells houses below market value from paying those fees.

Gov. Doug Burgum signed the bill on April 4 .


Grand Forks, Red River Valley Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Marisa Sauceda said this will help them in providing more affordable housing in a quicker time frame.

"That saves us money in operating costs and that means that more of the donations that we get from the community can go directly to construction," Sauceda said.

According to Nelson, during the process he was able to further the conversation on more affordable homes.

"The goal here is to talk about the need for affordable housing in our community and the vast amount of people who live in really deplorable situations," Nelson said.

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity will build their first home under the new bill on May 9.

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