New parking lot in the works for Coliseum, Fargo North High

Fargo North High School is also installing a new track nearby.

Fargo's park and school districts are joining forces to work on a new concrete parking lot for the Coliseum, left, and Fargo North High School, right.
David Samson/The Forum

FARGO — Fargo's school and park districts are working together on an estimated $3 million new concrete parking lot for Fargo North High School and a neighboring hockey arena.

The school is redoing the 211-vehicle lot because they will be adding a new track in the area as they no longer have the North Dakota State University track available for their use.

The park district is taking the opportunity to upgrade their 305-vehicle portion of the lot next to its 3,300-seat John E. Carlson Coliseum used by the North hockey teams, along with open skating and other recreational events.

Park board members approved the park district's $1.5 million portion of the project this past week and are especially pleased with the safety and beautification measures added.

Operations Manager Dave Bies said the plans call for adding landscaping, trees, handicapped parking spots, colored concrete pedestrian walkways through the lot and speed tables to slow traffic.


Park board member Dawn Morgan said she was glad to see the landscaping added, and Board President Vicki Dawson called the revamped project "subtle, but impactful."

The school plans to put the new standalone track in an open field near the football stadium as their wasn't room to place it around the football field. The school board approved the track and parking lot projects in March.

School district spokesperson AnnMarie Campbell said the district's portion of the parking lot project will cost about $1.46 million as the asphalt is being replaced with concrete. She said only about 12 parking spots would be lost.

The lots are also used by students during the school year and by North sports fans.

The school district plans to sell bonds for the project in May. The park district is planning to put its share of the project in its annual park road repair budget to pay off over 20 years at a cost of about $103,000 to $107,000 a year.

Work is planned for this summer.

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